Life’s Little Setbacks


I attempted chelation IV’s back in the fall of 2014 and they did not agree with me. Though I still believe they are a great tool for detoxing heavy metals, I wish that I had bailed out earlier than I did. Everyone I knew that had experience with them said they would be a great thing (which for them was true)……I didn’t want to appear weak so I pushed on. I have since  been dealing with hormone imbalance and digestive issues, just to name a few. Bio identical Progesterone has its wonderful attributes but it’s not quite cutting it. I have gained back 20 pounds since 2014… I had lost 65 up to that point.

Now on to bugging my poor doctor for more blood work and to wait and see what is revealed. It sounds crazy, but I have always thought is was a relief to have blood work come back positive so then at least you know what to work on. Otherwise, I feel a bit silly saying, “I promise I’m not making this up”.

I struggle now with not getting depressed over this, telling myself it will turn out fine and also hearing it from my husband. So wonderful to have a supportive husband. I couldn’t have made it this far without him.

I am going back and reading my own writings to get encouragement to press on. A bit ironic. Glad those writings are there so I can be reminded of where I have been and gather the strength to keep going forward. I had planned on others getting the encouragement and didn’t think I would be the one to benefit from them. I have learned so much thorough the years and I guess I am not finished yet.

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