Chronic Illness…and food.

A few yeas ago I tackled food intolerance and sensitivity by way of AIP or Autoimmune Protocol (Paleo).  It is a 3 month elimination diet that removes inflammatory foods to allow the gut to calm down and start to heal. Food is then reintroduced one at a time at the end of the 3 months to determine if there is a reaction. While I expected some reactions, I was surprised by others. I knew cane sugar, dairy, and eggs would prove to be a problem but I was disappointed by tomatoes and surprised by chia and flax. How would I ever bake anything again?? How will I eat out or go to see family and friends?

I think this was one of the hardest things to do because it was all up to me. I had to have the willpower to accomplish it and the perseverance to learn how to do it.  I stood in my kitchen so many times wondering what was I going to eat.  I had cravings and die-off symptoms and wanted to give in so many times. People thought I was crazy and missing out on lifes’ pleasures, but being sick meant I was already missing out on LIFE. I jumped in with both feet and saw really great results. I was no longer experiencing uncomfortable abdominal problems that I had had for so many years. My weight dropped about 60 pounds and I felt more energetic and healthy.

As the next year went by I added a few things back into my diet but have remained pretty strict. Now with the possibility of Lyme and co-infections, I am revisiting the food issues. My health is starting to plummet and I have discovered new food sensitivities I did not have before so I have decided to go back on to the AIP diet. It is tougher this time around for some reason but I have to set aside the foods that can “feed” co-infections and inflame my gut. My husband has decided to join me on this AIP diet so that will be a great accountability this time around.

Most importantly, I have to change my mindset about food. To make this work for me I have to see food in the light of “will this be medicine or poison? “. I know that doesn’t sound very enjoyable but I want to be successful in my healing process. If I sacrifice now, the reward will be enjoyable down the road. I believe the best thing one can do for their health is to heal the gut through food elimination thereby reducing inflammation. Anyone who has any kind of autoimmune problem should seriously consider addressing food. One final bonus….no prescription is needed.

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