Our Callings

3d8bb4ac7235fd7fd3f5a83bb53ac5f8                            OK, so Lyme may or may not be my deepest pain and blogging may or may not be my greatest calling, in fact, I am probably still sitting on the launch pad. Nevertheless, this quote still moves me and it inspires me to take the leap into a “world” I really know nothing about. I am NOT a writer, as so many of my teachers and professors in years past would gladly give testament to, but I can talk about my experiences in life and lessons learned. That is the important thing. I used to think a calling solely involved a career or ministry, something I had to go be involved in. Reality is, my calling is wherever God has put me in the here and now.  My calling is to be an example, or a witness, or an encouragement to others as I share my life story. I don’t need to be “qualified” to participate in my calling, it just requires me to be obedient, transparent and sometimes a little vulnerable….eek! That is something that does not come easy to me.

No matter where we have been, how much life we have lived, or not lived in my case, we each have a story to tell. Someone, somewhere is waiting to hear that story so they know they are not alone. They need to see God’s faithfulness and that it doesn’t always mean physical healing. It is such a blessing to have someone tell you that you have encouraged them or they feel inspired by your life, but it always shocks me to hear it. Why is that? Isn’t my story actually what God has written in me? I am not the author of my life, He is, so why should I be surprised when someone sees hope? On my own, I am unable navigate this illness. I am overwhelmed with anger and depression, and my body does not want to move. It may appear that I am being strong and positive but I am not. What is seen flows from somewhere deeper than myself, if I allow it too.

For it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for

His good pleasure.  Philippians 2:13

God can use anyone’s life to inspire others. It’s not my place to plan out my life, it is my place to live it for God, whatever life I am given and no matter how insignificant it seems. The pain in life can and does give way to beauty. Every life is important and valuable whether you are a missionary in Africa or home bound living with illness. We can all be useful to God. Never feel as if you have no purpose, seek the Lord and let Him form and mold the desires of you heart and be patient. God makes no mistakes. Let Him pick up the shattered pieces of your life and make it beautiful. I am excited to see where His calling on my life will lead and have learned to be grateful for the path I am on. My life looks nothing like I had planned out so many years ago but I believe it will be better than anything I could imagine.



4 thoughts on “Our Callings

  1. Love, Gem x says:

    I absolutely LOVE this Carrie. Especially the part how God is the author of our life writing a beautiful story we just have to live it out. Honestly I had a similar thought today as I walked home I looked at the sky and felt just as God paints the sky He paints our life xx

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  2. Stacey Patrick says:

    I am struggling with my summer placement. See during summer, the chronic illnesses worsen. So when you wrote every life is of value. It hit home – for me. There is meaning in this season. Enjoyed today’s read.

    Liked by 1 person

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