What I know about God…so far.


Wow! What a tough two weeks this has been. I am so far overdue to post this blog but I have had a bad case of the blahs and writing is hard for me when I am like that. As a result, this blog is pretty short. I started my new antibiotic and I can say I have never felt this bad in my entire life. Babesia is waging a war and I pray it doesn’t last too long. I no longer feel comfortable driving as I am dizzy 24/7 and I have slept more this week than I have all month! Life can be so hard and painful and it has really hit hard these two weeks. During this time, I have been reminded of God’s love over and over through my husband, other women who love the Lord, blogs, Facebook posts and songs. I have thought a lot about who God is, why things happen like they do and some truths, that for some crazy reason, tend to be forgotten.

The first thing that comes to mind is so basic and is fundamental to my view of my life. God knows the past, present and future. He sees all and knows all. Scripture is filled with verses that tell us how He has a plan for our life, how He knows our thoughts, how He knows our hearts, how He knows those things we keep in secret, how He knows our motivations and He also gives us glimpses into the future. This kind of knowledge can either make someone fear God or feel secure in Him. There are days that I wish He didn’t know so much but ultimately I am comforted at the thought that He is in such control. I am not at the mercy of whatever comes my way. I have a Father Who is there with me every step of the way and will protect me from the fiery darts of the enemy.  I am victorious through of Him.

God keeps His promises! This one gives me chills when I think back over the past few years and see exactly how He has fulfilled His promise to me. My Lyme diagnosis and treatment is a direct fulfillment of His promise. It was several years before it came about but I am now walking and living in the fullness of His goodness. I do believe His promise will lead to my healing. How the God of the universe could care so much for us individually and pay attention to every tiny thing in our lives blows my mind.

God is patient. I am not. I am so glad He is…aren’t you?  Many of us would be in trouble if He wasn’t. His patience toward me is wonderful, but patience covers so much more ground than that. For instance, He is patient with our circumstances. He doesn’t always race in and to change something. He is at ease and works our lives out in His timing. It’s so much better that way…it is complete, final and done well. The bonus is, we can learn from the circumstance and become better people for it.


My favorite…God loves us. He just flat-out loves us. He enjoys spending time with us. He enjoys telling us about Himself. He enjoys revealing Himself in our lives. He waits for us longingly even when we ignore Him. He loves us when we are good and loves us when we are bad, something we won’t find very often in humans. God isn’t petty, malicious, scheming or gossip-y. He is the perfect friend at any time and any place. He is all any of us ever need.


The more I learn about God, I understand there is so much more to learn. This list is very basic and if you have spent any amount of time in church, you already know these things. I have found, though, that many times we become numb to these truths and when life gets hard we forget these things about God. A reminder is always a good thing. We complicate our relationship with Him when in reality it is very simple…Get to know Him and His love better.



3 thoughts on “What I know about God…so far.

  1. aladyinfrance says:

    I know of people who have had Lyme’s disease, although I was never close enough to understand everything. I’m so glad God has brought you so far. Your outlook is courageous and inspiring, and your words are beautiful.

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