Shining a Lyme Light

What a busy 6 months this has been. Sometimes what you pray for hits you like an avalanche. A lot has happened since I wrote last. My life is coming back, I am regaining my health and I have actually been working for the first time in years! God is faithful to do what He says He will do and I am living proof. God has put so many wonderful new friends and acquaintances in my path and has used my journey to help and encourage. I am on several internet boards and in groups, even doing a little administrative work. This healing journey has given me the benefit of fresh perspective and I am seeing patterns in the individual needs and conversations within the chronic illness community, specifically the Lyme community. Debates about treatment vs. cure/remission, herbal vs. antibiotic and strict diet vs. moderation are everywhere, entangling progress and sometimes fellowship and support, which are so vital in the lives of the chronically ill. There are so many symptoms and so many treatments but I don’t think our success lies strictly in those two things. I believe the methods we implement and process we follow is so important and positive attitude is critical. This blog is not about a “magic bullet” per se, but rather my opinion of how to approach healing, through my experience, to get the biggest results. It’s not about a cure, as I do not believe a wise doctor should ever tell a Lyme patient they are “cured”…there is no definitive way to prove it.  This blog is also directed mainly toward what I refer to as “higher functioning” chronic/Lyme patients, those of you who are just well enough to be looking for a balanced, smart way to tackle your health.  Obviously, if your situation is severe, you need more drastic, immediate help.


My journey has been a “peeling away” process. One issue was dealt with, that lead into the uncovering of another and so on and so on. Once that process came close to exhaustion, Lyme was suspected and confirmed. I consider myself “higher functioning” in that I have never been bedridden, in a wheelchair, never had seizures or serious heart issues,  or spent significant time in the hospital. My life was basically at a standstill. Cognitive abilities were severely diminished, pain and depression were consuming and all this led to the inability to live a normal life. Once the right doctor was found, each issue began to be dealt with. Finding a good, knowledgeable doctor is no easy task. Mine has been a true gift from God.

First up was energy and metabolism issues …

Addressing adrenals, thyroid, vitamin/mineral levels, viruses (EBV) and Candida. This involved supplements, IV treatments and a few prescriptions. These corrections gave me a boost in energy and mood, helped me drop some weight, and set me up to be more of a participant in my health, rather than just following the “to do” list.

Next on the list, healing the gut…

One of, if not the biggest modifications to jump start my health was my approach to food. Food sensitivities to be exact. For me, the AIP or Autoimmune Protocol Paleo “diet” was the best route. Removing the inflammatory foods to allow for the reduction of inflammation in the gut is the foundation to my success. Reducing that inflammation allows the gut to absorb all of the “good stuff” it needs to improve your health. It reduced pain and bloating, put a huge dent in my moodiness and allowed for more weight loss..and that’s always a happy side effect!


I cleaned up my personal hygiene products, beauty products, cookware and household name a few things. Once I was in pretty good shape, we started to work on heavy metal toxicity. In my case, this was where things started to go off the rails again and one of the main factors in the suspicion of Lyme. I just could not get back to feeling well. Live Blood Cell  Analysis and a low cd-57 test result turned that suspicion into more concrete evidence and sent me on my way to a Lyme specialist.


Enter Antibiotics (Abx)….

I really balked at the thought of antibiotics and actually sat staring at my first dose for 40 minutes before getting up the courage to swallow it. I had worked so hard to restore gut health and was terrified to dump antibiotics into it but I am so glad I took that leap of faith. This past year, I have taken several antibiotics, probiotics and F.O.S., supplements and prescriptions for Candida. These have been rotated every three months or so and they have gotten me to a place of not just physical health but mental and emotional health as well. I had, at first, thought about doing a combination of herbals and abx but decided to just go with the abx. I was confident I would be able to handle them on their own. The work I had done on my gut those 3 years proved to be the best thing I could have done for myself. It has provided the groundwork for a speedy eradication of Lyme and Babesia.

Beyond Antibiotics…

When I get to a point of “remission” and the abx are taken out of the treatment plan, I am thinking of adding the herbals in to help maintain that level of healing. They may also find and destroy any Borrelia and Babesia the abx may have missed. I will also need to get my gut back into shape which means focusing on Candida mostly. My gut has taken a beating but is in fairly good shape considering. The final issues to be “cleaned up” will likely be hormones such as thyroid and cortisol. The stress of treatment has thrown those for a bit of a loop. Staying well will be something I have to work on my whole life. Detoxing and minimizing stress will be key. I own a PEMF mat now that has been a real boost to my adrenals and has helped with detox and pain relief. It will undoubtedly be a friend for years to come.


Some final thoughts…

When you try something and you thinks it’s not  working, that’s not always the case. Chronic illness and Lyme disease is a multi pronged illness. There is usually more than one issue going on. For instance, changing the diet for some doesn’t seem to make a difference. In reality, it probably is helping tremendously but other problems are blocking that “feeling” they know they should feel. If something good for you doesn’t seem to work, don’t give up on it, keep digging to find the other issues that need to be addressed. Remember that our goal should be being healthy, reducing symptoms and finding ways to live with illness in the meantime. If we focus on cures, we will condemn ourselves to a life of disappointment and depression leading to hopelessness. I have learned (or still learning in some ways) to find the good things in life, the lessons to be learned, the ways I can minister to others and bring hope to others who suffer so much more than I.  Finding ways to relax, express creativity and even venting frustrations has allowed me to experience joy much more often. I believe that being as positive as you can and having realistic expectations can bring about peace and even joy in spite of the pain and suffering of life.

2 thoughts on “Shining a Lyme Light

  1. April Clevenger Boyer says:

    Bless your heart. Know that though your journey is about Lyme’s Disease, there are many parallels to other debilitating and chronic disorders. Cancer/chemo is one. You are an encouragement to anyone in the position of living a half-life. But it is joy knowing that we will one day live a full and complete life in Christ!
    Thanks for this. Please visit.

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