Some Thoughts on Successful Healing

I wish I could fix everyone. I wish I could just reach in and take away their illness. I can’t so I must share words….words of prayer, encouragement and sometimes advice.

18268130_1387681941292991_6087280986197997970_nI have come so far with only a few “hiccups” here and there but I will never return to the place I was (unless, of course, that is where God wants me). I am functioning very well,  I have a job, I am back to doing projects around my house and my life is getting busy. I am no longer “locked away”as a prisoner to my illness. I have learned a LOT and healed..a LOT.  I always thought that as I got well I would be able to use that knowledge to help others. It sounds crazy but it turns out not to be the case. In fact, it can be downright difficult. “My situation is different”, “you really weren’t as sick as I am”, “that didn’t work for me”…..I hear these all the time, not just to me but to so many others in my shoes, and I disagree with these ideas. The group of symptoms may have different names, but a large amount of these illnesses have similar root causes and not one treatment alone will do the job. Don’t fall into the trap that only those with the same named illness can help each other. I have found a lot of “the blind leading the blind” in many groups that I have been part of in the past.  I know I want to follow someone who is further ahead of me and has found success, not someone who is at the same place I am or even on the road behind me. I decided to make a list of some things that I have found that make recovery more likely and successful.


Gut Health!!!!

The gut has to be cleaned up…period. I personally, have not seen anyone get well and stay well without taking care of the gut. I don’t see this as optional. It is a hard process and takes a lot of willpower but is absolutely necessary. If not done, you are just spinning your wheels. Just say no to the grains, gluten, dairy, sugar and soy. Yes they are yummy but health is more important.  Yes, there are other foods to eat….good foods, whole foods. Dairy will not heal a body but it sure can cause other health issues. Milk does NOT do the body good. Gluten issues are not only associated with Celiac!  Autoimmune disease and gluten do not mix. Just cut out the inflammatory food! Food sensitives, SIBO, Candida, h name a few, can be treated on your own if a doctor can’t be found that will take care of it. As you clear out toxins, you must replenish the gut with good stuff like probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, gut healing supplements and foods (those that are not sensitivities to you). Detox falls in this category and some good ways to accomplish this are Bentonite clay, epsom salt baths, PEMF treatment, glutithione, infrared saunas, activated charcoal, coconut oil, etc.


Lifestyle changes

Our homes and lives are filled with toxins. Toss the nonstick cookware, toxic beauty products, hygiene products, cleaning products.  Tear out that nasty carpet that’s just collecting all that matter how much you vacuum. Research! I have spent hours and hours reading and sorting though info. Do research on this list I’ve made. You can change your body but not changing the lifestyle is sabotaging your efforts.


To me one of the most important parts of recovery is attitude. I have struggled with depression and cognitive issues that nearly won out a few times, but I have always had an underlying attitude of “I am not settling for this”. Yes, I have to learn to accept that God allowed these problems to come into my life but I do not believe He expects me to just learn to live with them. God created out bodies to want to heal and given the right tools, it can go a long way in doing so. I have said before it took 14 doctors in 16 years to find one that knew what he was doing and started to help me. I never settled for what the others said. I was not going to be told…here is the name of your illness, it’s never going to get better and here’s some prescripts for you, all while a civilian version of Taps is being played over my head. Lastly, change should happen before the place of “do or die”. Don’t wait so long to do the right things. It’s human nature I guess to procrastinate, but it sure makes the road harder though. Yep we only go around once, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a life worth “going around” with? There is so much more to life than bread and cheese.


I hope my words encourage someone to march forward and reclaim their health.  I hope you hear the voice of someone who is a fighter. Keep peeling back the layers and get to the root cause. Our bodies didn’t just wake up one day and decide to try and kill us…..something triggered it and led us to this place. Uncover the mystery and don’t give up.

6 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Successful Healing

  1. Michelle says:

    It’s unfortunate that some people are not open to receiving your help. Also, I hate when someone tries to compare illness levels. Any level of being sick is bad, any healing is always good. These are great pointers that you have given. With IBD that went misdiagnosed and even ignored by some doctors for 13 years, until finally being sent to one of the best, I definitely had to learn to become a self-advocate. I changed my diet and started paying attention to product ingredients. Kudos to you! Stay strong and keep sharing.

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  2. Hope found in M.E. says:

    Agreed, it isn’t really great to be identified by an illness. I have ‘one’, but it doesn’t define who I am. And you do have to be your own advocate. I am on support groups, but don’t interact alot as find it so draining (& tbh at times negative) discussing illness all the time. Speak life!

    We have to keep trying & striving, & to stay positive as much as possible. Recovery comes at different rates & by a whole host of measures. Oh that it could be for all illnesses (not referring to the condition/s I have).

    So good that you are improving to a point of a much fuller life. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing such passion through your post.

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