Some Thoughts on Successful Healing

I wish I could fix everyone. I wish I could just reach in and take away their illness. I can't so I must share words....words of prayer, encouragement and sometimes advice. I have come so far with only a few "hiccups" here and there but I will never return to the place I was (unless, … Continue reading Some Thoughts on Successful Healing

Pressing on

    This week has been the hardest one yet. Last Tuesday I was slammed with sadness and depression. I actually sobbed all day, unable to stop. A few days later the anger started up. Every little thought sent me spiraling into an emotional crazy place. My life feels so complicated but in reality it … Continue reading Pressing on

Tough Days

I'm sitting here trying to decide what to do today, or what's left of it since it is after 1 pm already.  The adrenal support medicine and the PEMF mat I used this morning have given me a little boost in my mood but not quite enough. My body hurts ALL OVER.  My joints are … Continue reading Tough Days

Chronic Illness…and food.

A few yeas ago I tackled food intolerance and sensitivity by way of AIP or Autoimmune Protocol (Paleo).  It is a 3 month elimination diet that removes inflammatory foods to allow the gut to calm down and start to heal. Food is then reintroduced one at a time at the end of the 3 months … Continue reading Chronic Illness…and food.

It’s Not All In My Head…

The physical symptoms of chronic illness are bad enough, but I believe the emotional and mental issues that go with them are even worse for me. I have lost count of how many times through the years I was told that the lab work "looks normal".  That's why the symptoms are so important to take … Continue reading It’s Not All In My Head…

Life’s Little Setbacks

I attempted chelation IV's back in the fall of 2014 and they did not agree with me. Though I still believe they are a great tool for detoxing heavy metals, I wish that I had bailed out earlier than I did. Everyone I knew that had experience with them said they would be a great thing … Continue reading Life’s Little Setbacks